Satisfaction through Expertise

Our strategical real estate management merges expertises from architecture, corporate financing, real estate and business administration in an outstanding way. Thus, we assure all core and guiding processes, essential for the project success, are achievable fast, efficiently and proficiently on one’s own responsibility.

We design and construct residential and commercial buildings not only for own inventory purposes but also for investors, owner-occupants and institutional investors.

Residential construction

PLAN 9 - Residential construction

Quality of Life and Investment

Residential property high in quality has always been a synonym for reliability and consistency and is increasingly gaining in importance of a balanced investment portfolio.

We design and construct housing and living spaces, combine the most modern building techniques with economic considerations for an extraordinary architecture.

Whether refurbishing a city mansion or whether building a new housing area, we count on investments being profitable on a long-term basis - reliability and sustainability are our first priority here.

Commercial construction

PLAN 9 - Commercial construction

Utilization and Profitability of Corporate Space

The market for commercial buildings is subject to a greater dynamic than the market for residential buildings due to their higher economic sensitivity, among others.

Apart from the expecations of the future user concerning location, rent and functionality, also prospective considerations regarding the infra-structural development and flexibility of the spaces are of great importance, when developing commercial buildings to be profitable on a long-term basis.

We mainly develop and construct retail spaces in special areas and miscellaneously used inner city locations to be long-term profitable investments

Urban development

PLAN 9 - Urban development

Function and Design

While the construction of new cities in the developed countries is hardly of importance today, the modernization and the reconstruction of urban areas for a new utilization is being promoted more and more.

When planning our urban concepts we will focus on the best solution for the location taking account for politics, administration, neighborhood and citizens.

An ecological and energetic project adjustment is increasingly crucial for an efficient success on a long-term basis and an obvious mission statement for our responsible actions.

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