PLAN 9 – Visions for Real Estate

Growth is seeking space

For the development of our challenging projects we are currently looking for built-up and non-built-up areas with potential for development in the area of Bremen and Hamburg (Germany) as well as in the French regions 57 Metz, 57 Amnéville and 54 Nancy.

We are especially interested in objects which fulfill the following criteria:

Non-built-up areas

  • Suitable for the construction of retail objects
  • Suitable for the construction of residential and commercial buildings
  • Suitable for the construction of condominiums (multi-storey residential buildings)

Empty intra-urban building lots

  • Existing buildings requiring redevelopment and/or with expansion opportunities
  • Idle brownfields with possibilities to pull down, reconstruct or convert,
  • Objects with structural vacancy
  • Residential and commercial buildings in need of rehabilitation
  • Multifamily residences and condominiums with potential for partitioning

If you can offer us suitable objects, we would look forward to hearing from you.

Win-Win – Partnership

Since the seller’s objectives for the sale of real estate can differ to a large extent, we offer the possibility of a project partnership to interested real estate sellers provided that the interests will mutually coincide.

When it comes to an agreement for such a private partnership project you do not only achieve more than the commercially available sales price for your real estate but you additionally and subsequently participate in the project success.

Such a mutual business will result in a classical win-win-situation thus creating a common added value where all project participants will profit from.

Are you interested in a private partnership or in current projects?

Please contact us – we are looking forward to hearing from you!